Population Bank of Genetic Records


With Digifirma® you will be able to create a genetic population database by taking non-invasive samples and in the shortest possible time!

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System for storing population DNA of a country in a non-invasive, simple, economic way with verification of genetic profiles in real time.


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Population Genetic Data Bank

Exclusive population genetic profiling computer system for countries.

Official and civil graphic products

Wide catalog of products to capture fingerprints and / or genetic samples in a non-invasive way.

Reagents for Lysis (DNA Extraction)

Kit for the extraction of genetic profiles, of samples obtained through dactylogenetic graphics

Genetic Birth Linkage

Graphics and Software to capture, register and link mother-child of all Births.


New Optimized DNA Extraction Protocol for Fingerprints Deposited on a Special Self-Adhesive Security Seal and Other Latent Samples Used for Human Identification

The goal of this study was to determine if using the Self Adhesive Security Sticker® along with the FDF Extraction Kit

Protocol Nexttec(TM) DNA Isolation of Genomic DNA

Here, we evaluate swabbing versus tape-lift collection using a Self Adhesive Security Seal Sticker® (Digifirma S.A) in conjunction with a new DNA purification method.

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